Product Name : C-Clamp

Product Code : T

Product Group : Earthing / Clamps

Special features:

C clamps complies with BS7430 standard. This clamps is used to make a strong connection between parallel cables and to hold together two work pieces. First, the wires are arranged parallel in the clamp and then the clamp is pressed with a special device. The design of this clamp is such that there is no need to cut the main cable because of splitting. These types of clamps are extruded from high grade copper of purity 99.99% purity.

Technical specification:

This clamps is made of 101c and 102c copper alloy.

Electrical resistance: 1.86* 10-8

Electrical resistance (((%IACS: International Annealed Copper Standard) is 92±0.5

Electric conductance: 5.365*10+7


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