Product Name :

Product Code : GR-SCU

Product Group : Earthing / Earth Rods and Accessories

Special features:

Coupling complies with UL-467 standard. Copper bond earth rod are made from steel bonded pure copper coating. They are available in 2 DN(20 and 16 ) millimeter

If DN is equal 16 mm, body diameter is 14.2 mm and threaded part diameter is 8.5 inch

If DN is equal 20 mm, body diameter is 17.2 mm and threaded part diameter is 4.3 inch.

The length of these rods are mainly 1500 mm. For longer rods, two or more rods are connected by a coupler (CP product code).

Usually this rod is manufactured and supply in following shapes:

  • One threaded tip and other end is sharp
  • One threaded tip and other end is flat
  • 2 threaded ending
  • Copper bond earth rod goes through IEC-62561-2 and following items are tested:
  • Tensile strength test
  • Electrical resistive test
  • Adhesion test
  • Bend test. 
  • Thickness coating test: Based on this standard minimum thickness of copper should be 254 micron


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