Product Name :

Product Code : GR-CU

Product Group : Earthing / Earth Rods and Accessories

Special features:

Solid copper earth rods designed for use where extremely high corrosion resistance and exceptional long service life is required or when earth PH is less than 3 or more than 8. It meets BS-2874 standard requirements. Solid copper earth rod are made from hard drawn pure C102 copper.

The length of this product is different according to the design and customer request. However, 1500 meters is very common.

For longer rods they should be connected by dowel rod.

Solid copper earth rod diameter is usually 16 or 20mm. 

Since used copper is very pure and soft, to drive it on the ground have to use head driving and steel tip.


Technical specification:

Body material: made from hard driven C101 99.5 % purity rate copper.

Electrical resistance: 1.86 *10-8


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