Product Name :

Product Code : ET

Product Group : Earthing / Busbars

Earth terminals meet BS-7430 standard requirements. Earth terminals bring the neutral conductor and the protective conductor together at a central point. Busbars are available for this purpose and can be used for connecting a large number of conductors in a confined space

These terminals are used to distribute neutral line and prevent potential differences between closed electric conductors.

It is important to create a highly integrated earth protection system; otherwise, the potential difference will cause a discharge system and at the result a lot of damage. To avoid these damages, bus bars are used.

Technical specification:

These bus bars are made from C102 and C102 copper and 304 and 316 stainless steel.

These busbars are made up insulator or strand and insulator and stainless steel base for fixing on the wall.

When testing is required use linked bus bar to offer a break in the connection to earth and allowing measurements.


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