Product Name :

Product Code : FCW1

Product Group : Lightning Protection / Lightning Clamps

Special features:

FCW2 clamp complies with BSEB-1982 standard requirements. 99.5 % pure annealed copper tape is used for producing this clamp.

 Different sizes of this clamp is used to connect 16-240mm cables to the wall.

This clamp is called whistle clamps because of its shape.

For ease of installation, the bottom of the clamp is designed bean shaped.


Technical specifications:

Tape material: C101 and C102 pure copper

Electrical resistance:     1.86 *10-8


Unit 404, No. 167, 7th Boostan St. Pasdaran Ave. Tehran. Iran



No. 2591, 16th St. Koushavaran Ave. Abbas Abad Ind. Town. Pakdasht, Tehran. Iran


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