Product Name :

Product Code : FCK

Product Group : Lightning Protection / Lightning Clamps

Special features:

These are used for connecting copper tape to cable. This clamp complies with BS-7430 and BS-1972 standards. Its different sizes use for connecting cables in 35 to 70 mm and for connecting 20*3 and 25*3 tapes. Consisted of two separate parts; upper and a lower, joint via 4 bolts. This clamp is also used as under test clamp in connection point of conductor to the ground. This clamps is produced by a forging process so its molecular structure is uniform and has a small and compacted grains. Compared to casting, it has a higher mechanical strength and electrical conductivity.

Technical specifications

These rods are special copper alloy body with high mechanical strength which gives strong resistance to corrosion.

Vickers hardness: 105 HV

Electrical resistance:     1.4*10-4

Joint by 4 Stainless Steel 304 bolts

Tightening torque: NM15


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